403 Bayfront Pl. Naples, FL 34102

Carl Pitman, Sergio Montes, Cloyd Pate (“Patey”), al Lafonte, Bob Germain senior (“the Saint”) and Kent Manley (“Tomato”)

 A traditional neighborhood Steakhouse dedicated to the good old days in Naples.

A step into the new St. Germain Steakhouse at Bayfront in Naples is a step back in time—a time when Naples’ entrepreneurs met over Manhattans and steak sandwiches in the comfort of long time dining establishments to savor satisfying cuisine and nourish friendships.

This legacy of the local steakhouse tradition has returned to Naples with St. Germain Steakhouse. The first restaurant venture by automobile dealer and NASCAR Sprint Cup team owner, Bob Germain, Jr., along with long time friend Kevin Thorpe and restaurateur Matt Berman.

Reminiscent of those famed restaurants nestled along 5th Avenue South and Four Corners, like St. George, Merriman’s Warf, and Piccadilly Pub, we have created St. Germain Steakhouse to welcome folks as they gather to relax and enjoy family milestones together, just like my family has done for years.
In honor of his father and the original “Naples Rat Pack” (see picture above), Bob Germain, Jr. and the team  have created St. Germain Steakhouse to capture the simpler times of Naples.  The famous french onion soup, oysters Rockefeller,  steak sandwich and Patey’s famous prime rib will be reborn at St. Germain steakhouse.
Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines and race to St. Germain Steakhouse, Open Now!
4PM – 9PM
Friday-Saturday: 4pm-10pm
Happy Hour: 4PM – 7PM
Live Music: 6PM – 9PM
Every Friday and Saturday
For reservations, call (239) 435-9353 or email stgermainsteakhouse@gmail.com

Meet the team

Kevin Thorpe (Owner and Operator):

Kevin J Thorpe moved to Naples in 1981 from Davison Michigan and graduated Naples High in 1985. In the early 90s Kevin entered the  flooring industry with West Florida Distributors. After landing the contract for Bay View High Rise in Bonita Bay he quickly became a partner in Bella Tile & Marble inc. , In 1998 he formed Gulfside Tile and Marble Inc. which he is still running to this day. Kevin has been a long-time friend of Bob Germain Jr. and is also the director of sponsorship entertainment for Germain Racing.

When Bob mentioned his desire to open a local family steakhouse, Kevin was on board to help make his vision reality. Kevin and his team began remodeling  Stoney’s Steakhouse and transformed it to today’s St. Germain Steakhouse.

His commitment to quality and customer service is unwavering. “My goal is that St. Germain Steakhouse is where people can go and feel like home while having an unforgettable dining experience. I tell people it is like coming to a dinner party at your best friend’s house”.

Matthew Berman (Managing Partner):

Born and raised in Long Island, New York, Matt’s Mom and Dad were very particular about the quality of food they prepared, and never sacrificed on the high standard of ingredients in their meals. Nutritious, healthy and delicious food was always a must, and that premise shaped Matt’s and his brother’s Seth lifelong eating habits. As a result, to this day they are always creating new healthy and exciting cuisine.

As Matt and Seth’s careers has seen them travel and work in restaurants their entire life they have has developed a vast amount of experience and culinary skills. In 1991, the Berman brothers opened their own first restaurant, tucked away in a small strip plaza on Pine Ridge Road in Naples FL, and created a new culinary concept called “Noodles Café.”

For over 25 years now Matthew Berman and his brother Seth have been operating the local favorite Noodles Italian Café and Sushi in Naples, FL. The sibling’s ongoing passion for high quality ingredients paired with outstanding service has made them role models in the culinary landscape of Southwest Florida.

Once longtime childhood friend Kevin Thorpe and bob Germain Jr. shared their vision of bringing a superior steakhouse to Naples, providing solely prime steaks in a neighborly ambiance, with Matt he just couldn’t resist to be part of this timeless culinary concept.

Matt is excited to bring his experience and passion to St. Germain Steakhouse and form a culinary powerhouse with Kevin Thorpe and the Germain family.

St. Germain Steakhouse